Awesome Adventures in Newcastle.

A couple of days ago my Friend Rachael and I went on adventure, we drove to the top of Glenrock to walk the track all the way to Burwood beach. That idea changed very quickly when we realized how dull that would be. 10 minutes into the walk we found a way to climb down off the track into a collection of rocks near a stream. Lucky for us it was low tide and there was very little water running otherwise we might have got very wet.IMG_4249As a young 13 year old girl I sat, eyes glued to the TV every Monday night to watch Bear Grylls. Unlike most girls my age obsessing over twilight and who’s team you were on (I will admit I was a little bit obsessed… secretly team Edward) Now being 17 years old having watched every episode to date, I felt like I was in my element. Bear Grylls always found running water and followed the way it was running until he reached the coastline and ‘civilization’. So this is exactly what we did. After half an hour of jumping from rock to rock the creek eventually grew and we found ourselves stuck on a rock in the middle of Glenrock Lagoon. At this point we were having the Best time and the thought of going back onto the path didn’t appeal to us very much, so we took our shoes off,Ā  tied them around our necks and jumped into the water.

IMG_4277We waded through the water for 50 metres before finding a grassy patch on the side of the lagoon. We jumped out of the water and found a track leading off the grassy patch. After deciding that it had to lead somewhere, we followed it barefoot and stumbled out onto scout property. It was just like a bad movie. Tents everywhere and camp games, we were both surprised at how fun it looked. We walked through the sea of tents and followed a couple of girls who were walking towards the beach pretending that we were scouts and totally meant to be there. we finally popped out on the beach to see hundreds of teenagers running around, we jumped into the ocean to clean off the mud before beginning the long walk along Burwood beach to Mereweather, finally getting home to Rachaels for a Tea and some watermelon.


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